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Advanced Dribbling Drills – Part 8

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Take a gander at some of the “deadliest” moves performed by NBA superstars on their way to dropping their defenders. This collection includes the James Harden mini-stepback, Jamal Crawford’s behind the back snatch crossover, Kevin Durant’s push crossover and more.

  • 1
    Kevin Durant Push Crossover: Basketball Moves
  • 2
    James Harden Pop Stop Pull-Up Jumper: NBA Basketball Moves
  • 3
    James Harden Mini Step Back: NBA Basketball Moves
  • 4
    James Harden Pop Crossover on Ricky Rubio: NBA Moves How to
  • 5
    Stephon Marbury Crossover | NBA Basketball Moves
  • 6
    Deron Williams Triple Crossover (BREAK ANKLES): NBA Basketball Moves
  • 7
    Stephen Curry Hesitation Move: NBA Basketball Moves
  • 8
    Jamal Crawford Behind the Back Snatch Crossover (BREAK ANKLES): NBA Basketball Moves
  • 9
    Nick Young Shuffle Hop Crossover (BREAK ANKLES): NBA Basketball Moves
  • 10
    Kyle Lowry Ankle Breaker Hesitation: Basketball Moves