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Basketball Individual Improvement Drills

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A complete guide for players who want to develop their physical abilities. Understand the importance of upper-body workouts, lower-body workouts, grip exercises, agility workouts and more.

  • 1
    World's Greatest 1st Step Explosiveness Drill for Basketball: Tennis Ball Drop
  • 2
    World's Greatest Vertical Jump Exercise: Med Ball Slam and Vertical Jump
  • 3
    World's Greatest Mobility Exercise for Basketball: Lunge & Reach
  • 4
    World's Greatest Lower Body Strength Exercise for Basketball: R.F.E.S.S.
  • 5
    World's Greatest Upper Body Strength Exercise for Basketball: Push-Up Row
  • 6
    World's Greatest Reaction Drill for Basketball: Circle Chase
  • 7
    World's Greatest Balance Exercise for Basketball: Clock Reaches
  • 8
    World's Greatest Grip Exercise for Basketball: Plate Pinch
  • 9
    World┬╣s Greatest Movement Drill for Basketball: Slide & Hold
  • 10
    World's Greatest Conditioning Drill for Basketball: Card Catch
  • 11
    Agility Finishing Drills (Circle Drills)