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Chris Paul Workout

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Chris Paul is the definition of attitude. While he may be polite and greatly motivational off the court, he’s a stone cold killer on it. This course encompasses some of the toughest kinds of off-season workouts and you can very quickly tell how much of a competitive nature CP3 has and what it takes to even consider grasping at greatness.

  • 1
    Chris Paul 'The Point-god' Motivational Workout
  • 2
    Chris Paul Exclusive Workout at CP3 Elite Guard Camp! OKC's Newest PG!
  • 3
    Chris Paul's workout
  • 4
    Chris Paul Workout At UCLA With Rico Hines
  • 5
    Carmelo Anthony & Chris Paul GO AT IT In SECRET Vegas Workout! 1 V 1s Get INTENSE 😱
  • 6
    15 YEAR NBA VET Chris Paul STILL GRINDS HIS A** OFF!! | Workout with Johnny 'Dribble2Much' Stephene
  • 7
    Station 13: Chris Paul Dribbling Drills | Five-Star Basketball